Courses in English Concepción

Cultural Business Studies

General Description

Do you want to work on an international level and close deals with clients all over the world? Do you want to establish intercultural relations and a global network in order to get inspired by progressive ideas and innovations? If so, this class is just what you need in order to be triumphant in a globalized world, where transnational projects and companies with different cultural policies are no longer a rare scenario. You will be confronted with challenges that an internationally successful person has to overcome and learn more about different cultures and their effect on your professional success! You will learn how to make contracts with international partners who have different cultural codes and values that need to be considered while negotiating. With the help of different teaching techniques you will learn how to make use of this information to be successful in the field of the international business.


Global Issues and its Diversity

General Description

Globalization, Development, International Political Economy and Terrorism are words that have become part of our daily vocabulary. In the news you hear about civil wars, political crises and suicidal attacks. But how does this affect your own reality? Why, e.g., do your gasoline prices go up when there is a war thousands of miles away? In the globalized world that we are living in, it is highly important to not only be aware of, but also understand current global issues and their roots and consequences on your life, although they might appear far away from your own reality. That is why this class will give you an insight on current global events and how they affect your society. By that, this class wants to provide you with an amplified global-cultural view to support you in your future decision making process and to become an informed and aware person.