Our University: A university of excellence

Universidad del Desarrollo is known not only for its academic excellence, but also for its entrepreneurial hallmark. This feature has earned it a place of privilege in higher education in Chile and Latin America a mere 20 years since it was founded.
 Entrepreneurship is a characteristic that distinguishes its students and professors.  It creates an interactive and dynamic environment on campus where innovation and new ideas are constant. Ethics and public responsibility, the hallmark values of UDD, are encouraged not only in the classroom, but are also put into practice in each of the activities conducted at UDD.

Fast Facts


  • CNA-Chile


  • AMBA




Universidad del Desarrollo has defined internationalization not only as a competitive advantage, but also as a distinctive seal of its students.  It has therefore designed a project that will train global students on campuses where internationalization is an everyday experience, be it at UDD or abroad.

With that in mind, UDD has created a variety of programs and choices that keep students aware of the actual order, where globalization is a reality and command of a second language is indispensable.

On that basis, we have developed a powerful program, managed by the International Relations Department and the Schools. They have assured that internationalization is a factor in their curricula.  Our objective is for students to be highly motivated and conscious of the process of internationalization.  They must value it as an important part of their formation and participate actively in the different and innovative alternatives we offer, such as thematic short term programs which are developed all over the world and courses taught in English language that, in addition to “traditional” programs like Exchanges and Dual Degree Programs, have been key to the success of this process.

Partner universities

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In 2007, the National Accreditation Commission (CNAP), a part of the Ministry of Education, granted Universidad del Desarrollo institutional accreditation for 5 years with a rating of 7, the highest accolade that the CNAP has ever awarded a private university.

First in Faculty Quality and Leaders in Entrepreneurship

In 2009 our MBA Program was ranked first in the speciality of “Faculty Quality” in Latin America, according to the ranking recently published by America Economía magazine.
Besides, in the past three years this ranking has remarked our MBA Program as one of the leaders in Entrepreneurship in Latin America. This is surely a very important step forward in line with the aims of our institution, which has specifically established “Entrepreneurship” as UDD’s hallmark of excellence.

Second-Best School of Medicine

In 2009 the first graduating class of physicians of the Clínica Alemana-Universidad del Desarrollo School of Medicine earned second place in the National Medical Examination (EMN), making it one of the most prestigious Schools of Medicine in the country just 7 years after it was created.

More on UDD

Close Ties to Enterprise

More than 70 leading companies are actively participating in the education of business students.  The companies serve as field clinics where students have the opportunity to apply, relate and integrate the academic concepts learned inside the classroom.

Field Clinics

UDD has more than 35 agreements in place with diverse field clinics, health care services, doctor’s offices, family health care centers, special schools, physical rehabilitation centers and private clinics where students can undertake their internships.