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Students exchange program


International students are granted the opportunity of studying a one-semester term or one whole academic year at Universidad del Desarrollo, taking courses on subjects related to the study programs they are following at their home university. These students may also participate in extra-curricular activities offered by UDD, comprising different sports and summer and winter community works, among many others.

Students from universities with which there is a bilateral agreement in force are exempt from academic fees at UDD.

Those students from foreign universities with no bilateral agreement with UDD must attend at UDD as Visiting Students and pay the fee agreed upon for those cases.

Application Requirements

How to Apply

Those students interested in participating in the UDD student exchange program must apply through the International Relations Office of their home University. The following documents must be forwarded to the International Relations Office at UDD:

UDD evaluates the information upon receiving the application and then send a letter of acceptance, which is required to process the Student Visa.

Once the student receives the Acceptance Letter, he/she must:

*International Students should deliver one copy of the Student Visa and Medical Insurance upon his/her arrival at UDD, otherwise they will not be able to participate in the Exchange Program

Application Form

Here you can download the Application Form

Courses Schedule

Here you can find the Courses Schedule from all the Careers. For more course information or contents for each course, please contact Jovana Batarce jbatarce@udd.cl

Arquitectura Arte Cine
Ciencia Política Diseño Derecho
Enfermería Fonoaudiología Ingeniería Civil Industrial
Ingeniería Comercial Kinesiología Medicina
Nutrición y Dietética Odontología Pedagogía Básica
Periodismo Psicología Publicidad
Teatro Tecnología Médica  

Application Deadlines

Students must send all requested documents to the International Relations Office at UDD before the following dates:

Welcome Program

Each semester, the International Relations Office organizes a Welcome Program for international students, with the purpose of guiding them during their first days in our country and, specifically, to introduce them into the university life at UDD.

The Welcome Program consists of the following activities:

Likewise, before the end of the semester, the International Relations Office organizes a country day, where exchange students may enjoy an interesting and amusing day outdoors. Depending on the season, this country day may be in the mountains, the countryside or a ski area near Santiago.


The International Relations Office provides information, contacts and counsel for students, assisting them in finding the best housing place in Chile during their exchange period. These places may be either in university residence halls, family housing or shared apartments.

It is very important for UDD that exchange students live in a safe and pleasant place, adjusting to his or her expectations and resources.

If you wish to receive information on housing arrangements or have any doubt regarding the place you will be living in, please do not hesitate to contact Jovana Batarce jbatarce@udd.cl in Santiago or Carla Figueroa carlafigueroa@udd.cl in Concepción.

International Students Guide

If you want further information about Chile and UDD, please download our International Students Guide