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The University’s Development Plan


Looking towards the future, Universidad del Desarrollo wants to get ahead of the phenomena present in the 21st century to become a university recognized for being innovative and audacious in the ongoing transformation of the university experience of its students and the impact that its academia has on society. It will achieve this by continuing to set up management and academic teams committed to developing a unique and distinguishable institutional project that emphasizes a focus on students and their time at the university, as well as more active ties with national and international public and private organizations.


The University’s Development Plan is called “Building the University of the Future,” and it is designed so that the university will continue in the direction of becoming, like its vision says, a project that anticipates and stands out for offering an educational proposal consistent with the challenges of the 21st century.

UDD believes that the University of the Future is characterized by:

By being very engaged with the environment, tearing down the university-society borders through the creation of new knowledge that impacts the formation of the pertinent human capital.

By offering an educational proposal centered on the student, working with the characteristics inherent to each to develop their entire potential to the utmost based on their individual reality.

By including in the formative processes the development of social and emotional competencies in a much more profound, formal, systematic and integrated way (also known as the 21st century competencies).

By developing an educational offering that is integrated to the process of the personal and professional growth of individuals throughout their lifetime, significantly broadening the number of programs of study from an inflexible model focused on undergraduate education to one that includes a broader age spectrum and a wider variety of modes of education.

By developing a global view that broadens the University’s field of action, especially through the use of virtualization technology in education.

  • By reducing disciplinary borders through greater spaces of interaction among the different areas of knowledge.

By fostering innovation and entrepreneurship through broader spaces of collaboration among students, businesses, entrepreneurs and society in general.

By incorporating new technologies, digital platforms and data management for a more efficient management and the development of a better university experience, both academically and administratively.

By developing a culture of transformation to continuously adapt academic processes and products agilely and to develop a progressively more pertinent number of academic programs.

By revising both the number of programs and research topics so that academic activity remains pertinent and in harmony with what is going on in Chile and the world

Strategic Focuses

For the five-year period 2021–2025, the strategic focuses of Universidad del Desarrollo will be placed on differentiation, sustainable over time; and on being a University that stands out for the Transforming Experience it provides and for its academic work committed to Impact at the Service of Society.

These will be the two distinctive elements that the University proposes strengthening in the next five years. Its aspiration is that at the end of that period, they are the attributes that most distinguish the work and value proposal of Universidad del Desarrollo.