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Global Internship Program

Develop your international career in UDD, through the program Global Internship Program that will differentiate you and add value as a professional, promoting the development of global skills.

The globalized world values people who understand how to work and communicate in other contexts. For this reason, UDD offers international students from our partner universities the possibility to participate in an internship program in Chile, and develop professional abilities in different areas.


The students that wish to apply have to meet the following deadlines:

3 months – (12 weeks)40 weekly hours/ 460 hours (full-time)25 UDD Credits – 15 ECTSNo
5 months – (23 weeks)20 weekly hours/ 460 hours (part-time)25 UDD Credits – 15 ECTS Students have the option of signing up to 15 ECTS courses.
5 months – (23 weeks)40 weekly hours/ 920 hours (full time)50 UDD Credits – 30 ECTSNo.

Students can do an internship during one academic semester or for the period, they consider convenient (minimum 3 months and maximum 6 months) in multinational companies, Chilean entrepreneurship or Start-Ups.


You must complete the following online application form, uploading the following documents: