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FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

Are the Virtual Exchange classes held online during the entire semester?

Yes, the classes are entirely within the online modality.

What is the modality of the classes?

There will be two types of classes; Synchronous classes, it is expected that the international student will join the classes simultaneously at the established schedule, and asynchronous classes, where the students will be able to enter the classes at the time that suits them best.

Do virtual classes have an attendance requirement?

Yes, classes have a minimum attendance requirement in order to pass. All classes last 1 hour and 20 minutes and they are taught biannually (semester).

Are virtual classes only for exchange students?

Classes within the Virtual Exchange Program are offered to the entire UDD community, this includes; UDD and exchange students.

Does it have any associated cost to participate in any of the following programs: Virtual Exchange, Virtual Internship, the dLab Innovation Certificate, and Incuba UDD?

There are no associated costs for students from partner universities under a bilateral agreement, students from foreign universities with which we have no agreement must join UDD as visiting students and pay the fixed fee for these cases.

Can I take Virtual Exchange classes and in the future carry out a on campus exchange at UDD?

Of course, you can! Take this virtual exchange as the perfect opportunity to see what UDD is like and have a first approach before coming.

If you have any further questions you can send us an email at incoming@udd.cl