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Center of Genetics and Genomics

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The research projects of the Center of Genetics and Genomics are focused on the genetic bases of phenotypic variability, both in health and in disease. Interested in local genetics, common and rare diseases, personalized responses to infectious diseases, pharmacogenetics, and more.

The center seeks to improve the diagnosis, identification of genomic biomarkers, develop new therapies and contribute to public health policies. It collaborate with other centers of the Faculty of Medicine, Clínica Alemana de Santiago, national and international groups.

Some of the lines of research include:

Understanding the Chilean genome, chromosome 22q11 microdeletion syndrome, bullous epidermolysis (glass skin), monogenic connective tissue diseases (Marfan, Loeys-Dietz, Ehlers Danlos syndromes), lysosomal diseases (Gaucher, Niemann-Pick, Fabry, etc. ). In addition, we study various types of Cancer (lung, bladder, etc.), mitochondrial genomics, Parkinson’s, variation in the response to Hantavirus infection, among others.

You can learn more about the Center here.