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Offer for Academics from Foreign Universities

How to take part in this program?

International Academics interested in having a global experience can participate in this initiative in one of the following ways:

  1. Propose your own project in conjunction with a UDD academic with whom you co-design a course, project, work, research, or an activity that they will define, to be developed by the students of both universities, through joint work and remotely.
  2. Participate as a counterpart in any of the projects proposed by UDD Teachers who are looking for an international partner. 

Once the application is made, the Globalization Office will be in charge of organizing a call to find the ideal counterpart for the projects, considering the type of collaboration, duration, the language of instruction, subject area, and any other specifications that must be considered.

How to apply?

To apply for our COIL Program (March-June) in any of the 2 modalities, you must complete the following Application Form before November 28th.

Once we receive your application, we will contact you to advance this initiative.



Valentina Maturana

Academic Coordinator – Santiago

[email protected]

– School of Business and Economics
– School of Education
– School of Government
– School of Engineering
– School of Law
– School of Psychology
– Extradisciplinary Projects

Macarena Oviedo

Academic Coordinator – Concepción

[email protected]

– School of Architecture and Arts
– School of Design
– School of Medicine
– School of Health
– School of Communications
– Interdisciplinary Projects