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Medical Internships: Clinical Rotations and Elective Internship Program

This program seeks to train general practitioners, by deepening knowledge with the theoretical bases and skills, in order to deliver high quality care to patients. In addition, it aims to be a complement to help interns improve their clinical and technical competence in different areas and specialties. 

International students interested in participating in the Clinical Rotations and Elective Internship Program of UDD’s Medicine Faculty will have the opportunity to join the Department’s work team in one or more specialties offered.

This program is aimed at students of 5th, 6th and 7th year of Medicine, and the period is between March and December. 

Programs Lenght 

Clinical rotations last at least 4 weeks each, and in the case of the elective internships, 12 weeks. The maximum time that an intentional student can participate in these programs is 12 weeks.

Medical Specialities

Students can choose one or more of the following specialities:

UDD Medicine Clinical Centers

*For more information please contact [email protected]