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Virtual Exchange at UDD

International Students have the opportunity to take online classes at UDD while at their home country, which will allow them to have an international experience at home. Students will be able to enroll one and up to five UDD courses taught in English or Spanish earning the corresponding credits and being able to internationalise their curriculum.

Students from partner universities under bilateral agreement are exempt from paying academic fees at UDD.

Students from foreign universities with which we have no agreement must join UDD as Visiting Students and pay the fixed fee for these cases. The current academic fees for 2021 are USD $ 4,000 per semester.

The Virtual Exchange Program does not exclude students from participating in the future,  in the face to face exchange program at UDD.

Second Semester (August-December) 2021: June 15th

First Semester (March-July) 2022: January 15

  • Be an undergraduate or graduate student enrolled in a Higher Education Institution.
  • Have the sufficient language proficiency (English and/or Spanish) to attend the selected courses.

Students interested in participating in the Virtual Exchange Program at UDD must apply online attaching the following documents:

  • Nomination letter from home university
  • Academic records


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