Experience UDD

Spanish Course

An interesting alternative for students who are coming to UDD for an exchange term, this course ‘Lengua Española’ has its primary focus on enhancing your ability to communicate in Spanish as a foreign language. Two skill levels allow for all students to improve their Spanish speaking ability. In addition, this courses provides international students with knowledge related to Chilean culture, which is necessary for them to adapt appropriately to the socio-cultural context of the country.

The curriculum of this course is based on the international standards for the learning and evaluation of the teaching of foreign languages (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages).

In the contents of the course are composed of the following: sociocultural knowledge, Chile and its language, The Chilean society and its organization, and others. The course is taught in a way which requires all students to consistently participate in the course, as UDD recognizes that learning a new language requires active participation.

This course, which is an additional cost to interested international students, is given at UDD’s Santiago headquarters, and begins at the start of each semester lasting 4 weeks (36 classroom hours), and grants students 8 UDD credits.

Summer and Winter Volunteer Work

During the summer and winter vacations, students from all faculties have the opportunity to visit low-income communities in order to help them though many activities such as construction and restoration of schools and houses, legal assistance, and talks on the prevention of alcoholism and drug addiction.

The community work is a marvelous eye-opening experience where students live together with people inserted in an extremely different reality, and learn through experience about the basic necessities of the population of Chile.


The students can practice their favourite sports in clubs, and additionally participate in extracurricular tournaments. UDD has male and female volleyball teams, male basketball, soccer, and hockey teams, among others.

Welcome Program and Activities

Each semester the International Relations team organizes a Welcome Program for international students to orient them to the country and to university life at UDD.

The Welcome Program consists of the following activities:

  • An orientation meeting to inform international students on the UDD academic and administrative system
  • Tour of the campus and surrounding grounds
  • A welcome lunch with the international students who will be attending UDD
  • Meetings with academic coordinators of their respective studies to help guide, clarify doubts, and help students define the subjects that the students will be taking during their stay in Chile.
  • Tour of a typical Chilean vineyard

Additionally, before the end of the semester, the International Relations team will organize a hike in which international students will enjoy an entertaining day outside.

Activities of the Student Affairs Office

Debate Club

The debate club gives students the opportunity to participate in tournaments to plan and defend strong ideas with students from other universities.

Theatre and Choir

For the students from all studies in the arts, UDD offers the opportunity to participate in a theater and or choir group led by outstanding professionals in the areas.

University Pastoral and Spiritual Support:

UDD Pastoral contributes to the formation of students in the Catholic faith, and helps them organize solidarity actions within the University and the community.

Student Events

Through the Student Affairs network and with the participation of students from all faculties, numerous events have been organized such as Initiation Week “Semana Mechona”, university parties, cultural and sporting events, contests, etc.

Photo Contest

Each semester, the International Relations team organizes a photo contest for all international students that attended UDD. The objective is to show the experience of exchange in a photo that represents studying at UDD and living in Chile, highlighting the positive aspects of this experience both personally and professionally. The prize is USD$400. The idea is to motivate other international students to want to have the same Chilean experience as you!