Semana (i)semanai

Semana (i) is an event which lasts for three days, where UDD professors invite students to participate in different activities designed to challenge the students to utilize knowledge they have gained from lectures and to strengthen compentences through a different situation than the classroom. In UDD’s second semester in 2016, 850 students, and 92 professors from 11 faculties, participated in over 50 innovation challenges. Projects were related to different areas and proposed challenges like how to improve recycling within the university, how to design and create a sustainable grill system, and tricycles for PET plastic recolection and others.

For more information, see the Semana (i) Website:


This is a cross-discipline certificate in Innovation program for students from different majors at UDD that have chosen an alternative way of graduation through this innovative experience. dLab offers students the amazing opportunity to work with real companies and identify their problems to turn them into innovative solutions. It’s a one-year program which combines theory and practice and it is taught only in Spanish Language, therefore, students who wish to apply must show Spanish language proficiency.