Internships at UDD

Do you want to gain professional experience in Chile? Participate in the professional internship programme at UDD!


UDD offers international students from our partner universities the possibility to participate in an internship programme in Chile, and therefore develop professional abilities in different areas.

 Why should you apply?

Some of the advantages that the internship abroad has are:

  • Differentiation
  • Internationalization
  • Global abilities
  • Personal and intellectual development
  • Deep and focused knowledge in your area of interest
  • Comprehension of the Chilean and Latin-American market


What options do we offer?


Option 1: It consists in a co-education programme, in which the student will be able to do a part-time internship from Tuesday to Friday for 5 hours a day, and in the afternoon, the student can attend classes. The student will be able to enroll in a maximum of three courses along with the internship. This programme offers tutorials with university professors, who will accompany and evaluate the student during the process, through 5 internship logs that the student will write; and also a final report which includes an oral presentation. This programme is only offered by the School of Business and Economics.

Option 2: Consists of internships that will have a duration of one semester (approximately five months). The students will be offered internships in Chilean entrepreneurships and successful start-ups. The working hours can be part-time in order to allow the student the possibility to also take courses at the university according to his/her area of interest.

Option 3: Consists of a programme offered by the same firms as the above proposal, but it is a three-month internship. As it is a shorter programme, the student will have to comply a full time working schedule, and therefore, will not be able to apply for university courses.

Important considerations

  • Internships are unpaid
  • For options 2 and 3, UDD does not guarantee internship positions in specific areas or firms. The final acceptance will depend on the selection process that the student will have to complete with his/her future employer.
  • Once the application and selection process is finished, the student will have to apply for a student visa and medical insurance to be able to participate in the internship programme.

Application deadlines

The students that wish to apply have to meet the following deadlines:

  • 1st semester at UDD (March-July): 15th November
  • 2nd Semester at UDD (August-December): 15th April


How can you apply?

You must complete the following online application form, uploading the following documents:

  1. Cover Letter
  2. Letter of Recommendation (Home University)
  3. CV
  4. Academic Records
  5. Photocopy of passport (first page)