Communications and Media Internships

UDD offers international students from our partner universities a chance to participate in an internship program that will develop their professional skills and information management skills, the creation of communications products for different formats and platforms, and the design and evaluation of communications strategies.

The internship in Communications and Media is a hands-on program, linking academic knowledge with training in professsional organizations in the field of communications. Students are required to develop products and media content with the same demands and requirements of the professional world. Students can participate in internships either in one of UDD’s internal media or in one of it’s external partner organizations and media.

Our goal is for students to produce media content periodically and develop different tasks under the supervision of UDD professors, choosing one of the following options:

  • 6 months part-time internship (may be combined with courses at UDD)
  • 3 months full-time internship

Who can apply?

  • 3rd or 4th year students in any Communications related degree from one of UDD’s partner universities.
  • Students with and advanced level of Spanish Language (B2 level as a minimum)

Important Considerations

  • Internships are not remunerated.
  • UDD doesn’t guarantee internship positions in specific areas or media. The final acceptance will depend on the selection process the student will have to complete with his/her future employer.

Application Deadlines

Students who wish to apply must meet the following deadlines:

  • 1st Semester at UDD (March – July) – Application deadline: November 15th
  • 2nd Semester at UDD (August to December) – Application deadline: April 15th

Application Process

Students will need to submit the following documents via email to

  • A sample of their written work in Spanish.
  • Spanish language certificate
  • Transcript of Records and Nomination Letter from Home University
  • Cover Letter (in spanish) explaining the reasons why they want to participate in the program
  • Copy of passport