Application Process

Handbooks and Useful Information

If you want further information about Chile and UDD, please download the following documents:

International Students Guide

* UDD Factsheet

UDD Brochure


International students are granted the opportunity of studying a one-semester term or one whole academic year at Universidad del Desarrollo, taking courses on subjects related to the study programs they are following at their home university. These students may also participate in extra-curricular activities offered by UDD, comprising different sports and summer and winter community works, among many others.

Students from universities with which there is a bilateral agreement in force are exempt from academic fees at UDD.

Medical students interested in coming to UDD for Medical Clerkships or Medical Internships should read all the details of UDD´s Medical Clerkship and Internship Program. 

Those students from foreign universities with no bilateral agreement with UDD must attend at UDD as Visiting Students and pay the fees agreed for those cases. The current tuition fees for 2019 are USD $ 4,000 per semester.



  • Students must be undergraduate or graduate students enrolled in a University or College of Higher Education.
  • International Students are required to have a high level of Spanish proficiency to participate in the Exchange program. This is not required for students who want to take classes in English.
  • A portfolio in the case of students applying to Architecture or Design.


Those students interested in participating in the UDD student exchange program must apply online attaching the following documents:

  • Nomination letter from the home institution
  • Transcript of Records
  • Copy of Passport (first page)
  • ID card-size photograph (in JPEG file format)
  • Send a Portfolio to  (Architecture and Design students only)


UDD evaluates the information upon receiving the application and then sends a letter of acceptance, which is required to process the Student Visa.

Once the student receives the Acceptance Letter, he/she must:

  • Request information at the nearest Chilean Embassy or Consulate on the formalities to be carried out to obtain the Student Visa. This document is mandatory in order to participate in any UDD exchange program. Upon his/her arrival in Chile, the student must deliver one copy of the Student Visa to the Exchange Coordinator at UDD.
  • Retain a Medical Insurance with international coverage for the exchange period in Chile. Upon his/her arrival in Chile, the student must deliver one copy of the medical insurance to the Exchange Coordinator at UDD.

*International Students should deliver one copy of the Student Visa and Medical Insurance upon his/her arrival at UDD, otherwise, they will not be able to participate in the Exchange Program.



Students must send all requested documents to the International Relations Office at UDD before the following dates:

  • November 15, 2019: application for the first semester of 2020 (March-July)
  • April 15, 2019: application for the second semester of 2019 (August-December)


At the end of the exchange period, all students must answer 2 surveys: “Exchange Experience ” and “Teachers Evaluation”. Once the students send their surveys, their Transcript of Records will be sent to their home universities.