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Nutrition and Dietetics Internships

Foreign students of Nutrition and Dietetics who come to the Universidad del Desarrollo can participate of an Internship in Business and Management in Food and Nutrition, or an Internship in the Adult or Senior Clinic Area. In each of these areas there are short rotations of 6 weeks and long rotations of 12 weeks. Foreign students may do a short rotation, a long rotation or both.

Internship in Business and Management in Food and Nutrition

Short rotations (6 weeks): In this rotation option, students go to an intrenship center for six weeks. For this, there are various companies/institutions related to the area of ​​management of collective food services and food management. Within them, the interns carry out support tasks supervising the quality of production processes both in food plants and in company/institution casinos. In addition to this support, the interns carry out projects, which are a contribution to each of the institutions in which they work. For the execution of these projects, they have the support of tutors from the University and the practical field.

Long Internship (12 weeks): In this rotation option, students go to an internship center for twelve weeks in a more specific sub-area of ​​food and nutrition management, linked to innovation. It works together with the support of the institutional programs of INCUBA, RealiTec UDD (Extended Realities) and Exploratec. During these internships, the practical part is developed but theoretical educational sessions are also included to go deep into certain topics related to the particular area. Challenge-Based Learning and Design Thinking are used as main strategies in the Innovation Long Rotation.

Internship in the Adult or Senior Clinic Area

Short rotations (6 weeks): In this six-week rotation, students provide nutritional food care to hospitalized adults and elderly patients, applying established standards and protocols. The internship centers where this internship can be carried out are Hospital Padre Hurtado, Clínica Alemana from Santiago or Hospital de la Fuerza Arérea (FACH).

Long Internship (12 weeks): The long internship lasts twelve weeks and its purpose is for students to consolidate clinical skills in specific pathologies or conditions.
• Rotation in Hemodialysis: is developed in care centers for patients with chronic kidney disease on dialysis therapy.
• Rotation in Geriatrics: nutritional food care for residents of establishments for the elderly.
• Rotation in Oncology: care for hospitalized cancer patients.

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