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1.- Language Requirement: Be proficient in Spanish language. We don’t require an official certificate but we require a proof of CEFR B2 level of Spanish.

2.- Academic Requirement:

  • Being a Nursing student.
  • Meet the academic prerequisites to participate of the hospital internship (being in 5th year).
  • Have an academic performance of excellence.

3.- Vaccines:

  • The Hepatitis B vaccine (3 doses) is a mandatory regulation from the MINSAL for all students of the health areas. It is requested with vaccination dates and is part of the minimum requirements demanded by health institutions and the directorates of the Health Services, which are the highest local authorities. Students who do not have this vaccine, cannot go to a clinical area.
  • The Hepatitis A vaccine.
  • The COVID-19: complete vaccination schedule.
  • Influenza vaccination for those who participate of the intrenship between the months of May-August.

4.- Uniform: have a uniform at the time the program begins.

5.- Others:

  • Be physically and psychologically able to participate in the program.
  • Have all the economic means to cover the expenses of your stay.
  • Have medical and accident insurance with coverage in the country of destination.